By Charmaine Denney, high school teacher and mum to two teens
Emotionally resilient tweens and teens: Empowering your kids to navigate bullying, teasing, and social exclusion
Payne, K., J., & Llosa, L. F. (2022). Shambhala
For anyone with teens in their life, to help them experience their own power, find their own voices, learn how to problem-solve, and navigate their way out of challenging situations.

This is an insightful and practical book that helps parents/caregivers appropriately navigate the difficult areas of bullying, social exclusion, and teasing. The book is divided into two sections. The first advises parents and caregivers on how to calibrate the right response when faced with a teen or tween who is experiencing bullying. It offers direct advice on how to open the channels of communication with your child and then offers a toolbox of do's and don'ts for parents.  

Part two comprises ten inspirational stories in which the narrators, teens who have successfully navigated these difficulties, talk to their peers about what they can do in certain situations. I like how each of the stories looks at a slightly different area of bullying and equips teens with specific responses and strategies to deal with the challenges and social dynamics. I feel this approach is invaluable for building their resilience, and social and emotional intelligence. 

This book is an excellent resource for parents whose children find themselves in this situation - particularly if it is a recurring or ongoing problem. It allows us as parents to coach our children so that they have the tools to deal with the situation themselves and stand within their own power, rather than be tempted to 'fix' the problem ourselves. I found the chapter on cyberbullying to be extremely useful given the importance of the online world and social media to our teens.

 Written by Kim John Payne, a well known education consultant and counsellor, and Luis Fernando Llosa, a writer and sports coach, this is an empowering book for young people and those who care for them.

Disclaimer: Please note these reviews are not intended as endorsements or recommendations from the Mental Health Foundation. This feature introduces resources that may be useful for individuals with an interest in bullying prevention, mental health and wellbeing topics.

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